The original series of G.I. Joe toys released in 1982 are known as "Straight Arm" figures. This is because the arms could bend at the elbow, but could not swivel from side to side like the subsequently released figures. All of the figures that had this type of articulation were later updated to have the "New Swivel Arm Battle Grip" in 1983.

The straight arm figures are known for using a very limited selection of molds for the figure parts. They were released with one of two card backs, either a 9 character back, or an 11 character back including the Cobra Officer and Soldier.

In Argentina and Brazil several figures were molded in other colors and had different paint jobs from their American versions.

Apart from the change in the arm articulation, most of the Straight arm figures received a different crotch or waist piece when re-released in 1983. All figures' date stamps were updated to 82-83 at this time as well.

The Figures that had the straight arm variation are:

G.I. Joes

Cobra: The Enemy


  • Glenda
  • Sokerk
  • Topson
  • Redmack
  • Cobra Mortal
  • Manleh
  • Cobra Invasor
  • Shimik
  • Cobra De Aco
  • Falcon Piloto