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Strato-Viper is a Cobra character from the A Real American Hero series.
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A Real American Hero comics continuity - Marvel

The first Strato-Viper seen was incredibly arrogant, especially towards his ground crew. He regularly undertook missions in the Night Raven to spy on US military installations, always managing to stay in the narrow gap between not violating the airspace and being close enough to get clear pictures. The Joes Ace and Slip-Stream were dispatched to provoke a confrontation and take him out. In the ensuring battle the Strato-Viper discovered that many of the Night Raven's systems had not been maintained by his ground crew. When the plane was shot down over the ocean he tried to break out of the cock-pit but the emergency crowbar had been removed by a ground crewsman. The Strato-Viper drowned with his plane, with his rescue crew arriving too late.[1]

More Strato-Vipers were based on Cobra Island where they took a contemptuous view of the Star-Viper, a view that was reciprocated. When a squad of Joe planes were spotted in the area two Strato-Vipers and their Night Ravens were amongst those despatched to deal with them, along with the Star-Viper in his Stiletto and several Rattlers with their pilots. The Cobras' inability to work together made them easy pickings for the Joes, with both Night Ravens shot down.[2]

Animated continuity - Sunbow

3 strato viper

A Cobra Strato Viper pilot from the A Real American Hero animated continuity.


Generation 1
Strato-Viper 1986 A Real American Hero (1986)

The Strato-Viper was released in 1986, packaged exclusively with the Night Raven. He was also sold in 1987, then was discontinued domestically in 1988.

Appearance: black and red helmet with silver visor; dark grey flight suit with red vest and black wristbands and leg coverings; silver kneepads; black and red boots

Accessories: none. page/Filecard


Strato-Vipers are surgically enhanced to endure high speed maneuvering.

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