Sunbow Logo, as shown at the end of G.I. Joe.

Sunbow Productions (now Sunbow Entertainment Inc.) was an animation production company that was originally established by advertising agency Griffin-Bacal in 1980. Sunbow was founded for the purpose of creating animation to support and publicize the products of Griffin-Bacal's clients, which at that time included Hasbro. Animation for many of Hasbro's 1980s properties, including Transformers and G.I. Joe, was produced by Marvel Productions Ltd under contract from Sunbow. (Marvel Productions, in turn, outsourced most of their animation to Asian studios such as Toei and AKOM.)

In 1998, Sunbow Productions was bought out by Sony Wonder, and subsequently sold off to TV Loonland. Loonland re-established the company as Sunbow Entertainment Inc.

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