The Super Joe Adventure Team was a smaller-scale, 8"- 8 1/2" figure that was produced partially as a result of the increasing cost of petroleum and partially due to the increasing popularity of the 8" figure line from Mego, a competitor of Hasbro. The line only lasted from 1977 to 1978. It was the last G.I. Joe toyline prior to its relaunch as A Real American Hero.


  • Super Joe Commander: The Super Joe Commander is the heart of the Adventure Team. He came with the light vest that connects to the power pack sets. The new 8.5" figure came with a variation on the Kung-Fu grip.
  • Super Joe Commander (black): This may be one of the rarest of all Super Joe figures. The only difference in the Black commander's jumpsuit is the color. The gold piping is the same as the green jumpsuit.
  • Super Joe Adventurer (no beard): The Super Joe Adventurer was the "bare-bones" figure of the Adventure Team. Sporting a red jumpsuit with gold trim diagonally across the chest.
  • Super Joe Adventurer (black): The Black Super Joe Adventurer was the only other human Adventure Team member. Identical to the white adventurer, the Black Adventurer was decked out in a green jumpsuit.
  • GOR King of the Terrons: Evil beast from outer space and the first villain to threaten the Adventure Team. With his deadly "Destructo Ray" embedded in his chest GOR is ready to conquer the planet earth. GOR was the first figure in any GI Joe series to use electronics to interact with other figures. With his arms raised menacingly GOR's red chest beam would come on and you could save the universe by having any one of the Adventure Team knock him over with the "1-2 Punch."
  • Darkon: Darkon comes with a black power vest with the obligatory evil red light. His helmet was probably cast from the same mold as the one from the "Treacherous Dive" equipment set. The one original piece in his arsenal was a chrome plated lightning sword.
  • Luminos: One of the non-human members of the Adventure Team. Made entirely of clear plastic, he was similar in design to the 8.5" version of the MEGO MICRONAUTS time traveler. He had a light inside of his body that you could point forwards as a beam or rotate up to illuminate his clear face (ala The Shield). Part of the Night Fighters series, Luminos was specially made to "Fight by Night with Light!"

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