Superion is the combined form of the Aerialbots, a team amongst the Autobots.


Marvel Comics continuity

When Optimus Prime determined that a new human construction named Power Station Alpha might tempt the Decepticons into action, he sent Bumblebee to attend the unveiling as a precautionary surveillance measure. Sure enough, Bombshell made an appearance, and so Optimus sent the Aerialbots as back-up. They arrived just in time to see Bumblebee being blown away by the G.I. Joe team guarding Power Station Alpha. Assuming their Superion form, the Aerialbots attempted to threaten the humans into allowing them to retrieve Bumblebee's body. Blood on the Tracks An intense but one-sided conflict raged between Superion and the Joes until he received a signal from Blaster, conveying the horrific news that Optimus Prime had died in battle while the Aerialbots were on their mission. Superion immediately disengaged and returned to the Ark. Power Struggle

A short time later, the Autobots joined forces with both G.I. Joe and Cobra against the Decepticons, who planned to use Power Station Alpha to destroy the world. The Aerialbots entered the battle and became Superion to pit their strength against the mighty Devastator. Superion eventually scored the winning shot when his stress fracture cannon caused a malfunction in Devastator's coupling links, forcing him back into his individual Constructicon modes. ...All Fall Down!

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