In the second year of the G.I. Joe A Real American hero line, the figure's articulation was upgraded to include a mid bicep 360 degree swivel. Previously the figures had a 90 degree pivot at the elbow as well as a two point shoulder. The Swivel Arm Battle Grip was designed to allow the figures to assume more realistic positions. The previous wave of figures, released in 1982, without the swivel arm grip were remolded to allow Hasbro to release them with Swivel Arm.

For the 1983 packaging, there was a large yellow partial circle on the lower left corner of the front of the card with the bold logo "NEW Swivel Arm Battle Grip." As the next few waves were released, the swivel arm advertising on the package was shrunk until it was finally removed. The advertising of this type of articulation was most likely to differentiate these figures from the popular Star Wars figures being released at the same time. The added play value would increase the value to parents who were making the purchasing decisions.

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