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Tele-Vipers are Cobra characters from the A Real American Hero and G.I. Joe vs. Cobra series.
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Tele-Vipers get to have the latest technology in radio telecommunications. Apart from the standard modular radio pack, their gear includes a automatic frequency hopper, cryptography unit, and jamming/anti-jamming equipment. Their helmets come equipped with high-resolution earphones and they get to use dual microphones. That may all be impressive and all but do they get any respect? The helmet's visor is capable of giving LED readouts that's triggered by a computer pack installed onto their radio gear. That readout is visible to anyone he's in front of is a source of jokes for other Cobras.



A Real American Hero continuity

Marvel Comics continuity
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Devil's Due Comics continuity
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G.I. Joe vs. Transformers

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Action Force (British) Comics continuity

Tele-Vipers were deployed on Cobra operations including:

  • The attempted capture of a Northrod B2 bomber crew who crashed on an island with top secret information[1]
  • An attempt to prevent Action Force agents from smuggling out information on Cobra operations in Italy.[2]
  • An assault on London to free Destro who was held prisoner at Action Force's headquarters.[3]
  • The capturing of an oil terminal in the Gulf of Arabia, which was liberated by Action Force.[4]

They were also stationed at a variety of locations including:

  • A Cobra rocket launch base hidden in the Australian outback[5]

A splinter organization from Cobra called "the Two-Headed Serpent" also had Tele-Vipers at their base in the Himalayas.[6]

Blackthorne Comics continuity

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Animated continuity

Sunbow animated series

Cobra Tele-Viper troops from the A Real American Hero animated continuity.

Tele-Vipers were first seen partway into the first season, mostly replacing unnamed Cobra personnel in blue tights with yellow-green visors.

DiC animated series

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Generation 1
Tele-Vipers A Real American Hero (1985)

Tele-Viper was part of the 1985 series of A Real American Hero toys.

Appearance: blue helmet with mics; silver goggles; blue short-sleeved shirt with purple padded vest and red Cobra insignia on left arm; blue pants with black belt and purple pockets.

Accessories: black rounded backpack with antenna and peg for hose; black scanner pistol; standard long, black hose. page/Filecard

Python Tele-Viper Python Patrol (1989)

The original Tele-Viper mold is given a color makeover for the Python Patrol series in the 1989 of A Real American Hero toys.

Appearance: yellow and black helmet with mics; red goggles; yellow short-sleeved shirt; dark grey padded vest and pants with light grey crisscross pattern; red belt; black boots

Accessories: black "Tele-Viper" backpack; black "Tele-Viper" scanner pistol; standard long, black hose. page/Filecard


  • The Python Patrol Tele-Viper was originally called the "Tele-Wraith."
  • Starting from "Worlds Without End", their visors had the ability to show words on them.

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