Cover Girl, Spirit and Snake-Eyes investigate the disappearance of a mysterious kid.

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At a California elementary school, a little kid named Julius asks for a blue crayon since his is broken. Before Mr Bailey, the teacher, returns, a stranger takes Julius away.

Cover Girl and Spirit arrive to a shack in Arizona, and use a secret elevator in the janitor's closet to reach The Pit, where Flint briefs them about the kidnapping of Julius Taber from his elementary school, by an unknown assailant, and after questioning the children on the scene, authorities concluded that he left with a caucasian male teenager that Julius called "brother" despite being an only adopted child. Cover Girl asks why two Joes are called for a civilian case and Flint answers that the order comes directly from the Jugglers and is filed under "need to know". Flint also sends Snake-Eyes as back-up for Cover Girl and Spirit.

The three Joes go to the local Police Department, where Detective James Kirkland tells that it seems the kid went willingly with the kidnapper, and that before that he was a loner averted by the other kids due to his brains. The Joes then go to Julius' parents, and Mrs Taber tells that when they adopted him, the only info the orphanage had was a piece of paper with his name scratched on it. Mrs Taber also shows them Julius' room, where are books too advanced to his age, and Snake-Eyes takes one of the drawings.

Firewall calls Spirit to tell that she and Mainframe cross-referenced police files in the region and found about an attempted abduction. Spirit sees the file photo and recognizes Julius, but it turns out to be another kid named Alexander Williams, who like Julius, is adopted, but he's also autistic. Alexander was almost kidnapped by a caucasian male teen who still managed to hurt five cops.

At Washington, Hawk tells the other Jugglers that he kept most info away of his team as agreed, but still protests about keeping them on the dark. The other Jugglers claim that they should have planted agents as parents for the kids instead of putting them into civilian custody, but one of them reminds the others that when they used agents, the kid retaliated after finding out who his adoptive parents really were, and hasn't been seen since then.

The Joes reach the Williams residence, where Mr Williams greets them with a gun until they explain that they came to investigate the kidnappings. Mr Williams tells that Alexander was taken by his mother to his regular appointment to the doctor. Alexander's room seems more normal than Julius', but he still has some drawings that Snake-Eyes and Spirit compare with Julius' one and they coincide despite being by kids living two hundred miles apart. Then Mr Williams mentions he just called his wife and held some struggle, so Spirit has Firewall trace her cell number and the Joes hurry away.

The teen kidnapper drives his van to a gorge where he intends to dispose of Mrs Williams, but when the joes arrive, he decides to run away, leaving her alive. Snake-Eyes jumps on the van and tries to stop the teenager, but the kids attack Snake-Eyes, which gives the teenager the chance to escape on foot alongside both kids that he calls "brothers". Spirit tries to stop the teenager, but he kicks the Joe tracker and disarms Cover Girl, then Snake-Eyes kicks him from behind and the teenager decides to just leave. Mrs Williams calls for her son, who before leaving just says "Goodbye, mother" which surprises her as he had never talked before. Cover Girl is convinced that they won't reach the kids.

The three "brothers" arrive to a house where a man awaits them. He refers to the teenager as Hannibal and congratulates him for bringing both kids. The man is Doctor Mindbender, who claims "Now he will come to us".


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  • First Appearances: Hannibal
  • This comic was the subject of a Comic Pack which included a reprint of this issue and action figures of Spirit Iron-Knife, Agent Courtney Krieger and Hannibal.

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