Snake-Eyes continues his upward climb to the Baroness. Storm Shadow scales the outside of the burning Cobra consulate. The Baroness learns the truth behind the death of her brother.

Detailed summary

Snake-Eyes battles and dispatches a group of Vipers as he makes his way up the Cobra consulate. Baroness is well aware that everything is going to Snake-Eyes' plan and orders the rest of the Vipers to join her at the top of the building and fortify it.

Stalker, Storm Shadow and Wade watch the increasingly burning building from the lower levels. Storm Shadow decides to climb up the wall, telling the others to get some air cover. They contact the Tomahawk, the only vehicle available, but since they're in the middle of loading the injured Scarlett on board they can't immediately respond.

All the Cobra personnel are in the penthouse except three Vipers so Baroness orders a barricade. Destro contacts them wanting to know what is going on. Baroness gives an edited account, saying they were bombed and need an airlift. Meanwhile, Storm Shadow encounters the three Vipers, who were attempting to scale the wall with cords tied together. They fire on him but he quickly dispatches them.

Stalker and Wade attempt to hail a taxi, then catch a bus to a heliport, but can't find a pilot willing to fly out in that weather. Wade tells Stalker to call the Tomahawk again. Hawk accepts Doc's argument that Scarlett won't want them to let Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow die in order to save her and tells Lift-Ticket to head to the consulate.

Baroness panics when she sees Storm Shadow on the other side of the barricade and orders a H.E.A.T. Viper to fire on him, but he goes over the fire and enters through a shaft. Snake-Eyes reveals he was there all along, disguised as a Viper. The fight is halted when the top of the building begins to tip over, sending most of the Vipers plummeting to their doom. Snake-Eyes grabs Baroness as she falls. Destro approaches, promising to rescue everyone if they pull Baroness up, but she is prepared to shoot Snake-Eyes for her revenge even though it will mean falling.

Destro calls out that Snake-Eyes didn't kill her brother: He knows because he was there. His father, the previous Destro, took him to Vietnam on a business trip. They passed a weeping Baroness as they came upon the aftermath of the shooting. The older Destro quickly recognized Baron DeCobray and pointed out he was wearing a bullet-proof vest which would have stopped a shot from Snake-Eyes' pistol, meaning he must have been killed by the Vietnamese rifles. The older Destro added that the men posed as South Vietnamese to buy weapons from him and probably meant to kill him like they did DeCobray.

Baroness is shocked by the reveal, since her brother's murder was the reason she turned to terrorism. She lets go of Snake-Eyes but Storm Shadow catches her in midair, unwilling to let her off that easy. He passes her up to Destro, who intends to keep his word and rescue the others but the girder gives way before he can. The Tomahawk arrives and does a barrel roll so Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow fall in through the door. As they head for the hospital, Storm Shadow sees Destro and Baroness waving to them and wonders if it is possible for them to change.


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Other notes


  • Storm Shadow's grey camo pattern is poorly represented on the cover: for some reason, it's blocking the blacks that would make it look like it belonged there.
  • On page 2, the Tele-Viper's face is colored blue.
  • When Snake-Eyes reveals himself, one of the Cobra Troopers says he'd been disguised as a Toxo-Viper, when he'd actually been wearing a Techno-Viper helmet. Not even Cobra can keep all these names straight!
  • On page 19, Storm Shadow's face is the same white as his hood.

Items of note

  • Part three of the Snake-Eyes trilogy.
  • The letters page prints a (really long) letter from Thomas Wheeler, now of the website.
    • The response confirms that "Cobra" is not an acronym, so it shouldn't be written in all-caps.
  • Snake-Eyes sets a fire in the middle of the skyscraper, eventually causing everything above it to collapse. Some people would consider this an error.

Real-world references

  • The Baroness' line on page 2 ("He's not the one who's trapped - we are!") may be a reference back to Rorschach's famous line from Watchmen, "You don't understand. I'm not trapped in here with you. You're trapped in here with me." One of the most influential comic books of all time, Watchmen had been out for a few years by this point.
  • The Caravelle is a hotel in Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh City).
  • Destro XXIII's comment about the "lunar new year fireworks" getting a bit out of hand is a reference to the beginning of the Tet Offensive, "Tết" being the Vietnamese new year.
  • The three Vipers attempting to hold off Storm Shadow as he climbs the building remove their helmets, revealing the haircuts of the Three Stooges.

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