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The Incredible Hulk Presents was a short-lived weekly anthology comic produced in the United Kingdom by the British division of Marvel Comics in 1989. Amongst other material it contained reprints of Marvel US's G.I. Joe material, initially relettered to change the name to Action Force. From issue #10 the name G.I. Joe the Action Force was used.

The comic was launched on the 30th September 1989, with issue #1 bearing a cover date of 7th October 1989, and lasted twelve issues, costing 40p for the entirety of its run. As well as reprints issue #8 also included a copy of the mini-comic "Divided We Fall!" The other strips included throughout the run were:

  • The Incredible Hulk - reprinting strips from the US title The Incredible Hulk from the 1970s
  • Indiana Jones - reprinting first the Marvel US adaptations of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade then further Indiana Jones adventures
  • Doctor Who - original strips produced by Marvel UK that were separate from those printed in Doctor Who Magazine, although two were later reprinted there.

Because of the title's very short life and mainly reprinted material it is by far the least well known of all the British comics to carry Action Force or G.I. Joe strips.

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