Both G.I. Joe and Cobra launch their separate attack against the Coil in Cobra Island.

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Coil Troopers take over locations around the world for their strategic or symbolic importance.

The G.I. Joe Team reach Cobra Island. Ace leads a Skystriker squadron, and Harrison, one of the pilots, spots Serpentor and tries to crash his fighter on him, ejecting at the last moment, however, the crashing plane misses Serpentor, who dispatches a team to deal with the fallen pilots and an unit to the beach in preparation for a full assault.

Mercer leads a team inside the EMP cannon tower, sending Flash and Mainframe to put explosives on the main generator. All the team get out of the tower, save for Flash and Mainframe who are surrounded by Coil Troopers. A Trooper asks their last words and Flash answers "mission accomplished", after which the tower blows up with them inside.

Hawk gets a call of Beach-Head to mention his team has escaped imprisonment and are at the east side of the main complex. Joe forces move into the beach, with Duke leading the vehicle forces and Scarlett leading the infantry. Coil submarines come up from behind, and Coil tanks led by Overlord emerge from them.

Destro calls Hawk to suggest an alliance against the Coil, but Hawk refuses. When the Cobra forces arrive to the beach, they deploy Neo-Vipers and air-drop B.A.T.s. Serpentor sights Zartan, his once killer, among the Cobra troops, and assures the Dreadnok will not kill him this time. The other clone kids tell Serpentor that they have found Cobra Commander.

Hawk sneaks into the Coil headquarters, but Overkill finds him, pins him down and begins strangling him. Luckily, Kamakura arrives and shoots Overkill down.

Cobra Commander reaches the silo of a Firebat he intends to use to escape, but the clone kids intercept him and Hannibal launches the Firebat unmanned, to leave the Commander at Serpentor's mercy.

Inside the headquarters, Dr. Mindbender and Zandar are monitoring the battlefield and see their Coil troops losing. Then Mindbender sees Serpentor fighting Cobra Commander and rushes there. Zandar gets a call from Firefly asking for back-up in the light aircraft hangar.

Zartan reaches the light aircraft hangar and Firefly tackles him, sticks a bomb on him and leaves telling Zartan to enjoy his "family reunion". Zartan, not understanding what Firefly meant, rips the bomb out and is ambushed by a masked Coil agent. Zartan uses the agent's own knife against him, but then takes his mask off, and the agent turns out to be Zandar. Zartan takes his brother and calls Destro to tell him he's calling off the Dreadnoks.

Mindbender reaches the silo where Cobra Commander and Serpentor are fighting, and the Commander decks him. Serpentor takes the Commander's distraction to gain the upper hand, and their resume their fight until Serpentor begins strangling Cobra Commander who weakly utters "you win".

Serpentor releases Cobra Commander and orders him to take off his helmet. The Commander does so, but he has another mask beneath, then he throws the helmet to Serpentor and it explodes. Cobra Commander kicks the injured Serpentor down the walls of his headquarters. Mindbender runs away while Hawk and Kamakura reach the clone kids.

Before falling to the sea, Serpentor activates the Last Stand protocol. Overlord orders the Coil Troopers to fight til the end. A last EMP pulse is released, so everybody begin to use their guns as blunt weapons. Destro and Baroness escape without knowing if Cobra Commander is still alive. The G.I. Joe team manage to capture Major Bludd and Scrap-Iron.

Cobra Commander escapes in a submarine, where he finds the injured Overkill, with his last words to the Commander before passing out being "I want... power."

While a news report confirms that the taken cities have been liberated, Dr. Ken Rich assures Duke by phone that the clone kids are happy, healthy and normal, and barely remember what happened at Cobra Island. However, Ken prays he doesn't have to argue heredity versus environment with them someday with a sword at his troath. While he says this, one of the kids feeds a mouse to a snake.


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"Hope you don't mind being rescued by the "green Power Ranger"."
"Kamakura, I take it all back."

Kamakura still remembers Hawk's jab from issue #1

"You were engineered with such potential, Serpentor. But you lack the most important DNA of all... Mine."

Cobra Commander

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