The Newest War is the first issue, #0, of the America's Elite series by Devil's Due Publishing. After being shut down, the Joes are back and this time as a true covert unit. As ready as they are for action, even they aren't prepared for the cataclysmic event that opens the series.

Issue summary

It was a bright sunny day in Chicago, Illinois when something burning in the sky falls and a disaster of epic proportions follows. A man-made satellite fell out of orbit and crash landed upon the city. News of the incident reach the current roster of the Joe Team. In Washington D.C., the President of the United States wants Gen. Joe Colton to head the Joe Team, a position the latter wanted to refuse until the President's aide comes in with news about Chicago.

At the Rock, the three-man crew of Scarlett, Roadblock and Shipwreck are mobilized to head to the scene. The other members of the team are off on other missions. Shipwreck reminds his teammates that they still have Storm Shadow on their side, a fact that is, apparently, not appreciated by every Joe.

In Wesbaden, Germany, the team of Stalker, Snake-Eyes and Flint easily takes care of a Cobra cell located in that city. However, still grieving over the death of his wife, Flint nearly takes the life of a defenseless Cobra Trooper before Stalker had to tell him to do otherwise. Stalker was reporting back to base when he is informed of what happened. Elsewhere in Bethesda, Maryland, an also vengeful wheelchair-bound Hawk believes the Chicago disaster to be the handiwork of Cobra Commander. He orders to Duke to find the Cobra leader.

Scarlett's team reach Chicago and only when they saw the damage that they realize the scope of the disaster. While others wonder if it was on accident or if someone is actually responsible, Shipwreck comes across a piece of the satellite which bears an image of the American flag. He realizes the satellite to be one of their own.

Somewhere in Oregon, a wheelchair-bound man watches the television about the news on Chicago. He recalls how much sacrifices he has made and muses at how it only makes him stronger in. Amused at the media's calling of the satellite crash as an accident, he is elated that he will have his vengeance. He accesses his computer by voice command giving his identity of Vance Wingfield...

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