Psyche-Out and Crystal Ball go head-to-head mind to mind.

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Psyche-Out finds himself in a strange place, surrounded by un-earthly beings. While running through this nightmare, he stumbles upon Crystal Ball, but doesn't not recognize him. Crystal Ball saves Psyche-Out from the nightmares, while Psyche-Out (to Crystal Ball's consternation) floats away.

Meanwhile, Tunnel Rat drives Dial-Tone and Jinx around, looking for Psyche-Out; the guys in the front seats are looking with their eyes, while Jinx looks with her "senses".

Crystal Ball gets Psyche-Out back into a trance, where Psyche-Out is attacked by sentient Pogos and Mambas. Again, he is saved by Crystal Ball, who appears to be a giant. Psyche-Out then talks to Jinx in his mind, and is able to fight back. Psyche-Out grows to the same size as Crystal Ball, and attacks him with his (previously malfunctioning) sub-sonic vibration generators. Crystal Ball seemingly gives up, but Psyche-Out is warned by Jinx of a phantasm behind him. At the same time, the Joes in the van attack the facility where Psyche-Out is being held.

Crystal Ball extracts a location for the Joes' mobile headquarters, and during his escape he evades Tunnel Rat only to fight Jinx, whom he defeats by sensing her thoughts. As the four Joes drive away, the discuss the success of their mission: planting a false location in Psyche-Out's mind and feeding it to Cobra.


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G.I. Joe Cobra

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G.I. Joe Cobra
  • Moro Ink van

Memorable quotes

"Despite her outward calm, Jinx is far from relaxed. Her highly trained senses are even now searching for their comrade."

--The writer reminds us that gaining psychic super-powers was part of Jinx's ninja training.

"Aw, Raspberries."

--Psyche-Out remembers to keep his cursing kid-friendly.

"in my mind all in my mind all in"
"your mind all in your mind"
"Do not think my name - he must not suspect"

--Jinx is too late.

"I still don't know what all this is, but you've sure got a great bag of tricks, Felix. Your mistake was grabbing a Joe with a degree in Psychology. It wasn't hard to get my reality back. This is my mind after all."

--Psyche-Out reveals Crystal Ball's real name, or gives him a nick-name.

"No so fast, whitey!"

--Tunnel Rat reminding us he's Asian - and maybe a little racist.

"Too bad he got the wrong info. You held my post-hypnotic suggestion well, Psyche-Out. He was completely fooled."

--Jinx pulling an Ocean's Eleven and only explaining things at the very end.

"Whatever. The only thing I'd like more a few thousand more aspirin!"

--Brought to you by Psyche-Out and the Drug Elimination Force.

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