Cobra replaces the Pentagon's top brass with artificial humans known as... synthoids!



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"C'mon, dollface. I know a little cafe in port were the spaghetti is great and the lights are dim. Let's you and I get together and--"

  • slap*

"Let's not and pretend we did, okay?"

--Don't worry, Shipwreck, Scarlett isn't the only fish in the sea.

"From this moment on, there is no G.I. Joe!"

--Synthoid General Franks, leaving the episode on a massive cliffhanger.


Animation and technical errors

  • As Scarlett asks Rock 'n Roll to drive closer to a F.A.N.G. helicopter, the scrolling background of the Joes' base is recycled and jumps slightly as it is repeated.
  • In one scene, Zartan's arms are colored the same blue as his chestplate.

Continuity errors

  • Duke, usually a stickler for detail, doesn't realize that the base is falling apart (no ammo, fuel or propane) until the other Joes point it out to him.

Miscellaneous trivia

  • Synthoids would continue to plague the Joes in "There's No Place Like Springfield."
  • Duke is a sergeant, but since he holds jurisdiction over G.I. Joe operations as its field commander, he commands a higher level of respect than the normal enlisted man and holds superiority over the higher-ranked members of his team.
  • The "Now you know..." attached to this episode had Mutt teaching kids how to deal with a stray dog.

|===Real world references===

  • Zartan mentions Spider-Man.


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