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Step inside the ancient and mysterious Arashikage clan, and witness as the Hard Master and the Soft Master shape a young acolyte into one of the greatest ninja warriors of all time: Snake-Eyes.

—Back of the packaging.

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The time: many years ago. Storm Shadow's comrade-in-arms, Snake-Eyes, is a brilliant student of the martial arts - but does he have what it takes to become a member of the ancient and mysterious Arashikage clan? Hard Master puts the young acolyte through a grueling series of tests to find out!

—Inside front cover.

In the Arishikage dojo, the Hard Master and Soft Master debate if Snake-Eyes is worthy of carrying the Arishikage symbol. Sitting before them, Snake-Eyes remains silent. Storm Shadow enters and remarks that it is a test, where upon the Hard Master hits a lever and Snake-Eyes falls through a trap door.

Snake-Eyes falls into a normal looking room, only to find the door covering a brick wall. The room begins to change erratically when Snake-Eyes spots the Arishikage hexgram in the bricks. He opens a secret door and plunges into the uncertainty of the next test.

Snake-Eyes finds himself in a Tokyo subway car populated with mannequins. Spotting a live grenade, he places it inside a mannequin with an armored vest and escapes to the next test.

Next, a hungry and irritated tiger finds Snake Eyes in a bamboo grove. Instead of attacking, Snake-Eyes pacifies the tiger, surprising the Soft Master as he, the Hard Master, and Storm Shadow look on through cameras.

Back in the dojo, Snake-Eyes finds the Hard Master preparing tea. The tea is intended to distract Snake-Eyes from an attack by the Hard Master, but Snake-Eyes manages to counter.

Deemed worthy, Snake-Eyes receives the Arashikage hexagram and a sword to wield with honor.


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