The Joes engage in an intense underwater fight with Cobra and with something else. Also, the fate of Snake-Eyes is revealed.


Cobra Commander goes on another roll blackmailing the world. While the Commander enjoys the high of the moment, Destro is distressed at their dwindling supply of the M.A.S.S.'s catalytic elements and if they don't find a way to replenish it, their threats would lose credibility. Baroness assures him they can still bluff their way and is confident that they will be able to obtain more of the elements.

The Cobras avoid Snake-Eyes like the plague.

In the Arctic, Major Bludd sends in a robot into the cave. It repairs a search android which activates quickly and goes about its duty of locating and harvesting the red crystals. Inside the cave, Snake-Eyes avoids the robots and takes a canister of the crystals with him. The Cobras outside are surprised to find anyone alive. As he is reeking of radiation, each of them stays out of his way. Bludd chooses not to gun down Snake-Eyes as he believes sooner or later, the masked man will die.

Elsewhere, Doc has Duke make another attempt to remember where Cobra's base is. It still is very difficult for him and all he can remember is Selina. Steeler comes inside the room to tell them they have arrived. They go topside where Breaker briefs them that the second element, a form of heavy water, is located in the trench they are on. Torpedo is brought in for his specialty in underwater missions.

Snake-Eyes continues his trudge across the snowy landscape. He encounters a wolf caught in a trap. Initially leaving the animal to its fate, he comes back to release it. As he leaves, the animal is more than happy to follow him. He soon finds himself in the path of a polar bear. Suffering from fatigue and radiation sickness, he is thrown like a ragdoll and the wolf has no luck in cowing the bear to fear. The bear is chased away by a blind man with an electric prod. The blind man collects Snake-Eyes and places him on the dog sled. The wolf follows them while the canister is left behind in the snow.

Bludd is thrilled to be successful in his mission but Destro is even happier that one-third of the necessary elements is in their hands.

It looks like the S.H.A.R.C. but it's kind of different.

The Joes make their way to the bottom of the trench where they encounter strange pillars. They reach the heavy water but Cobra, led by the Baroness, arrive the scene at the same time. A battle between the two forces ensue. The strange pillars are actually the sleeping places of giant tubeworms. The worms are awakened by the firefight and become angry, attacking both Joes and Cobra alike. Torpedo calls on the Baroness for a truce and work together if they are to make it out alive. Initially, the Baroness disapproves of the idea but she has no choice and commands her forces to attack the worms.

Duke has an idea, they shoot the bottom of the pillars and the worms float to the surface, bloat up and die. Afterward, both groups collect their share of the heavy water. The Baroness attempts to renege on the deal and demands the Joes to surrender and leave without the heavy water. The Joes' backup arrives and they manage to escape. The Baroness is furious but both groups have what they came for.

Back at the Sea of Ice, the blind hermit is able to remove Snake-Eyes' radiation poisoning with the use of some dressings of leaves and herbs that draw the radiation away from his body. The blind man realizes of Snake-Eyes' good intentions, gives him his clothes back, named the wolf Timber, and gave him directions to civilization.

The Joes' own MASS Device.

With two elements still short, Short-Fuze and Steeler came up with a plan to derail Cobra's M.A.S.S. ability (though their arguing delays them actually saying what the plan is). They send up a satellite killer to destroy the Relay Star satellite. However, Cobra is warned by the satellite's alarm. Using the last bit of the M.A.S.S.'s elements, Destro teleports a brigade of Cobra Shock Trooper to defend the satellite. In no time, they shoot down the satellite killer.

The Joes' plan failed. Their disappointment does not last long as Cover Girl comes rolling back to the base with none other than Snake-Eyes. Everyone rejoices, and Scarlett runs over to hugs him. The crystals are added to the Joes' own M.A.S.S. Device. None of them realize that once opened, the canister will release a sleeping gas after a few minutes. Everyone is rendered unconscious...


Featured Characters

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  • Mariana Trench
  • Sea of Ice


"We are right over the deepest trench in the ocean floor. At the bottom lies a pool of heavy water, the second of the three catalytic elements we've got to get before Cobra beats us to 'em."

--And after that, Breaker will send them after the Maltese Falcon.

"Looks like a pretty bad neighborhood."
"Oh, I wouldn't say that. See? No graffiti."

--Silly Tripwire, Stalker is from Detroit - he knows bad neighborhoods when he sees them.

"Your loyal wolf friend, here, he needs a name. How about... Timber! 'tis a perfect moniker!"

--Thank you, blind hermit, for naming a stranger's pet without his permission.

"Cobra rulessss!"

--Cobra Commander, getting sibilant.

“Snake, you‘re alive! I knew you were too tough to be finished by some dumb old crystals!”

--Scarlett relieved to see Snake Eyes alive.


Animation and technical errors

  • When Snake-Eyes exits the cave, the Cobra legions behind Major Bludd are missing for a few frames.
  • When Torpedo spits out a mouthful of water, his nose disappears briefly.
  • When Bludd presents the crystals to Cobra Commander, the crest on the Commander's helmet is blue when it should be white.
  • When extracting heavy water from the pool, everyone is standing as though they were on dry land.
  • The door to the blind hermit's cottage changes where its hinges are between shots.

Continuity errors

  • A simple blend of leaves & herbs (from the Arctic!?) cures radiation sickness? I'm not buying that.
  • Just what happened to the Cobra "shock troops" after they destroyed the Joes' satellite?
  • And where exactly did Cobra and Joe gets their video feeds of the Relay Star satellite?
  • With access to unlimited state-of-the-art military hardware, Duke and Co. instead decide to send a rinky-dink satellite made by Clutch, Steeler and Short-Fuze to take out the Relay Star.
  • When going after the heavy water, Duke makes a point to remind everyone not to get out of their pressure suits or the pressure at the bottom of the ocean will crush them. However, all the Joes (including Torpedo) seem to be wearing simple neoprene wetsuits.


Miscellaneous trivia

  • The small diving vessels used by the Joes look very much like prototype S.H.A.R.C.s; it is listed as an early prototype for the S.H.A.R.C. in the G.I. Joe Field Manual.
  • Just worth a mention: in this episode alone, Snake-Eyes handles radioactive materials without protection, trudges through a snowstorm without gloves or a jacket, falls off a cliff, befriends a wolf, tangles with an enormous polar bear, and is cured of his radiation poisoning by a concoction of tea leaves. That's one tough dude.
  • In the Transformers episode "Day of the Machines," the drawing of the globe-shaped weapon with metal tentacles on the drawing board is very similar in design to the underwater vehicle used by the Baroness.
  • The underwater Cobras shown in this episode are all wearing red diving suits. They would receive an action figure in 2008.

Real world references

  • The deepest point in the ocean is Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench.
  • Heavy water is a real thing.


  1. These submarines appeared to be an early design of the S.H.A.R.C., but that was not made official until 2012's G.I. Joe Field Manual.