He never gives up, he'll stay til the fight's won; G.I. Joe will dare!

The opening theme animation for the Sunbow series had a number of versions, with changes to one line (from "Cobra and Destro", to "Cobra, the enemy"), as well as five different battles between the Joes and Cobra (one for each of the original mini-series, one for each full season, and one for the 1987 movie). The intros of both full seasons start with Duke's voice giving the "Yo Joe!" battlecry while depicting Flint. The second season intro depicts Hawk, Duke, and Flint all in the same H.A.V.O.C.. Pretty big tactical mistake there.

Crashing through the sky, comes the fearful cry ...

The 1987 movie's theme song was an extended version that begins with a description of a Cobra attack, before proceeding to the familiar lyrics.

A sixth version was made for DiC Entertainment's initial mini-series Operation: Dragonfire. This version replaced the gender-specific pronouns in the original theme song (changing he to they), referred to the Joes as "international heroes", and omitted specific mentions of Cobra in the theme song, simply mentioning "a ruthless enemy".

'You know you got to stand tall when it comes down to the wire!

Following Operation Dragonfire, the original theme was discarded, and in its place, a new one was composed and written for the DiC series. This was the only theme from the Sunbow/DiC era to not use Jackson Beck's narration.

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