Shipwreck awakens six years in the future. The war with Cobra is over. But ... how?



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Animation and technical errors

  • Clearly there were numerous animators used on this episode and its followup as the character models change (in some cases jarringly so) throughout the entire episode.

Continuity errors

Miscellaneous notes

  • During the initial mission to recover Professor Mullaney, the character referred to and voiced as Lady Jaye appears to use the face from Scarlett's animation model. Not to mention her crossbow.
  • Professor Mullaney would make another appearance in "Joe's Night Out".

Real-world references

  • Shipwrecks's address in Springfield is 6 Village Drive, a reference to the classic Patrick McGoohan series The Prisoner.
  • The plot of the episode also follows the premise of The Prisoner: A man who holds a secret of great interest is dropped into a village that appears for all intents and purposes to be normal and idyllic, yet is designed to get him to crack and give up the secret he holds.
  • Early in the episode, Polly warns Shipwreck that they have "miles to go before we sleep." This is a quote from Robert Frost's poem, Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.
  • The title is a reference to the film The Wizard of Oz.


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