Shipwreck is plagued by dreams of a past he can't remember.



Featured Characters

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G.I. Joe Cobra Civilians
  • Professor Mullaney

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G.I. Joe Cobra Civilian

Memorable quotes

"Shipwreck, what happened? Was there something important in that house?"
"Nah, nothing important. Just a dream or two."

--Lady Jaye and a heartbroken Shipwreck, who, as he watches "his" house burn to the ground, sadly laments the life that might have been with Mara.


Animation and technical errors

  • When Shipwreck lays the drugged nurse down on the bed, her hair color changes from black to blonde while laying there as he dresses
  • At the 19:49 mark, Roadblock's mouth moves along with Dr. Mullaney's for a couple seconds.
  • When Cobra Commander stands from his desk and walks off he is drawn with his helmet on; but in the rest of the scene he is wearing his hood instead.

Continuity errors

  • When Shipwreck has the flashback of his first encounter with G.I. Joe (The Revenge of Cobra), he is shown piloting his sand skiff with Flint and Snake-Eyes as his passengers, even though it was actually Flint and Mutt. The skiff also was changed from some green material to ordinary wood.
  • Where does Polly find the convenient and useful device that helps him melt down Synthoids?

Miscellaneous notes

  • Shipwreck had a (presumably) debauchery-filled night in Annapolis while in the service; when he questions whether the Polly that rescues him is the genuine article, the bird starts squawking about it, prompting Shipwreck to cut him off abruptly and admit he's the real deal.
  • All the currently available versions of the episode are edited from the original. When Shipwreck returns to his house to "rescue" Mara and Althea, there was a longer conversation where Shipwreck asks Mara and Althea whether they love him. Althea then insults Shipwreck and threatens him with a rocket launcher. Polly flies into the room, knocks down Althea and then zaps Althea and Mara with the melting device, allowing Shipwreck to escape. All versions of the episode, including the syndicated and DVD versions, now have Shipwreck run into the room and there's an abrupt cut where he starts to talk to Mara while Mara and Althea hold weapons on him; that conversation is cut short. Polly flies in and there's another abrupt cut; suddenly Althea's synthoid model has already been dissolved and Polly dissolves Mara as well.
  • Professor Mullaney would make another appearance in "Joe's Night Out".

Real world references

  • Shipwrecks's address in Springfield is 6 Village Drive, a reference to the classic Patrick McGoohan series The Prisoner.
  • The plot of the episode also follows the premise of The Prisoner: A man who holds a secret of great interest is dropped into a village that appears for all intents and purposes to be normal and idyllic, yet is designed to get him to crack and give up the secret he holds.
  • The title is a reference to the film The Wizard of Oz.


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