Thrasher is a Dreadnok character from the A Real American Hero series.
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A Real American Hero continuity[]

Marvel Comics continuity[]
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Devil's Due Comics continuity[]
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G.I. Joe Reloaded[]

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Action Force (British) Comics continuity[]

Thrasher and Ripper attacked the Stonebury Weapons Testing Range with the Thunder Machine, stealing a confidential folder. They fought with Snake Eyes and Flint before fleeing.[1] Thrasher then went to the Australian desert along with fellow Dreadnoks Buzzer, Monkeywrench, Zanzibar and Road Pig. For many months they were pursued by Outback, who finally captured them at a remote bar, with the help of Psyche-Out.[2]

Animated continuity - Sunbow[]

Thrasher appeared during the five-parts movie Arise, Serpentor, Arise!. Zartan was making an audition for a new Dreadnok recruit. After many competitors fought together and all lost to a stun grenade used by Monkeywrench, Trasher arrived as Zartan began welcoming the winner and said: "I believe you are premature, sir. There is only one applicant suitable for the position of new Dreadnok and that is me, Thrasher." He then mentions that he can bring his own vehicle. Then once Buzzer points out that he didn't even fight, Thrasher then continues by saying that it prooves his intelligence, something the other Dreadnoks do not have. Buzzer, Ripper and Torch are insulted and proceed to grab him and throw him in the swamp. Then the Joes interrupt and the Dreadnoks go after them. Thrasher comes back to punish Zartan for his insolence as he says but Zartan agrees to make him a Dreadnok if he can finish the Joes. Thrasher slams his car on the cabin the Joes are in, believing they are dead and he is now considered a Dreadnok even if not appreciated by the others. He later is the transportation for Zarana in her mission in Egypt. They escape from the Joes by destroying a dam and then leave. Later, on Cobra Island, while the other Dreadnoks play cards, Thrasher is looking with binoculars. He spots the Joe helicopter and pushes the Dreadnoks on the ground while ordering them to go after the Joes. He is later seen in the last battle in Washington, fleeing from the Joes after first shooting on Sergeant Slaughter's vehicle.

Voiced by: Ted Schwartz
2-5 thrasher

Thrasher from the A Real American Hero animated continuity.


Generation 1
Thrasher A Real American Hero (1986)

Thrasher was released in 1986, packaged exclusively with the Thunder Machine. He was also sold in 1987, then was discontinued domestically in 1988.

Appearance: black hair with green stripes; dark grey chest armor over torn green shirt; dark grey and black gloves; dark grey pants with black belt and thigh coverings; silver boots and kneepads

Accessories: black lacrosse stick. page/Filecard

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  • Working names include "Basher," "Mean-Streak," "Bash McFeral," and "Cruncher."
  • Thrasher's file name and birthplace weren't revealed until 2004, 18 years after his debut.
  • Larry Hama's prototype filecard made Thrasher out to be even more of a sociopath than the version that was released:
... He was never denied anything he asked for even though he had bad luck with pets and all his playmates were mysteriously 'accident prone.' After his parents were crippled in the car wreck that may or may not have had anything to do with Thrasher's repair work on the brakes, the 'wild child' wandered into the swamps where he could do what he wanted to living things and inanimate objects alike. ...

The Ultimate Guide to G.I. Joe, page 118.

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