The Joe Team struggles to stop Cobra from installing the control cubes.


Control cubes

One of the control cubes for the Pyramid of Darkness.


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"This looks like a good place to get something to eat, like maybe a broken leg of lamb."

--Shipwreck, entering the Snake Cafe with Snake Eyes.

"Let's just say I have a soft spot for weirdos."

--Satin, talking to Shipwreck & Snake Eyes.

"Now I know how a frozen pizza feels!"

--Alpine, after getting buried in an avalanche with Bazooka.


Animation and technical errors

  • Just after being attacked by the control cube, Lady Jaye is shown wearing her cold weather parka.
  • Storm Shadow is missing his Cobra insignia in his first frontal shot.
  • When Colonel Slash and his men arrive at Satin's dressing room, the dressing room door reads "SATN." In the next shot, it reads "SATIN."
  • The name of the club that Shipwreck and Snake-eyes enter is "Snake Club." However, when the announcer introduces Satin, he refers to the establishment as The Snake Cafe. However, since Shipwreck mentioned that the place looked like a good place to get something to eat, the "Snake Club" name might have been a mistake.

Continuity errors

  • Dusty is shown on Earth with Roadblock moments after being shown on Space Station Delta, where he's been for the past two episodes.
  • Lady Jaye activates a javelin that forms an air-filled bubble around her and Flint. However, they're already immersed in the pink goop, so the bubble should just serve to trap pink gunk inside with them and suffocate them.
  • Airtight steps on a pressure-sensitive stone inside "The City of Lost Souls" and activates the temple's defenses -- which is odd considering Cobra had just driven the multi-ton cube over the same spot and failed to activate it.

Miscellaneous trivia

  • Lady Jaye has a javelin that can create a bubble filled with air, and one that spreads a net over a large area.
  • Snake-Eyes is an adept break dancer.
    • So's Timber?
  • Shipwreck refers to himself as "Shipwreck Delgado." Delgado is his real last name, but is it wise to say this aloud in a club full of Cobra agents?
  • In the City of the Dead, three Greenshirts are hauled off by the stone warriors - and are not seen again! Were they killed off-camera?
  • The song that Satin sings in the Snake Cafe, "The Cobra That Got Away," appears again later in the series. It is the song heard playing in the background of the club Dial-Tone (RAH), Leatherneck (RAH), and Wet-Suit (RAH) take their dates, in the episode "Joe's Night Out."

Real world references

  • The statues in the City of the Dead are based on the Terra Cotta warriors of X'ian, China.


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