Cobra seek to steal a new laser canon from the Oktober Guard but the Joes have plans of their own.

Issue summary

The Oktober Guard are in Afghanistan testing a new helicopter-mounted laser canon on tribesmen. However they head into a canyon where a Cobra squad is based. Destro orders the helicopters shot down and the laser is captured together with Daina and Schrage and towed away. A G.I. Joe squad consisting of Flint, Stalker, Spirit, Ripcord and Footloose follows. However the remaining Oktober Guard bring out their own vehicles and also follow. The Guard attack the Cobra convoy and rescue their comrades and the laser, then head for Pakistan. Destro orders Cobra helicopters to intercept them.

The Joes have a World War II Mosquito Bomber hidden in the mountains and they rush to launch it. Meanwhile the Guard's convoy reaches a railway line where they meet a train driven by a new member, Dragonsky. They load the vehicles on the train as they come under fire from two Cobra Rattlers. Using the vehicle weapons the guard shoot down the Rattlers. As the train crosses a bridge Firefly and a squad of Eels detonate explosives, destroying the bridge, the train's rear cars and the Guard vehicles but the laser is at the front of the train. Next the Baroness brings a flying unit to attack the train when suddenly the points alter and the train is rerouted to Karachi. The Cobras board the train but Dragonfly produces a huge flame-thrower and drives them back. The last of the Cobra air support is downed as the train reaches Karachi and heads to the dockyards. However waiting for them is the Mosquito and a ship containing many Joes, all armed. They tell the Guard the laser was actually developed in the USA and Soviet spies have been stealing secrets and copying them directly. As the Joes take the laser away, Duke tells the Guard the Joes don't actually need the laser but by examining it they can trace the information link.

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  • Page 43, the beginning of the retrospective of the past year, says, "After the deaths of General Austin and Kwinn the Eskimo..." It was General Flagg who died, not Austin.

Items of note

  • First Appearance: Dragonsky
  • In the United Kingdom the story was reprinted in Action Force #30, #31, #33, #34 and #35. The title was changed to "The Return of the Oktober Guard!"