Three stories running through the book: the new G.I. Joe Drug Elimination Force takes on the HeadHunters, the new G.I. Joe Eco-Warriors go after Cesspool, and the Ninja Force battle continues.

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G.I. Joe Cobra Trans-Carpathia Broca Beach

Featured Vehicles & Equipment

G.I. Joe Cobra

Memorable quotes

"El grosso to the max!"

--And with that, Clean-Sweep delivers the single worst line of dialogue to ever appear in a G.I. Joe comic.

Other notes


  • On page 2, Mutt and Cutter respond to each other's assignments.

Items of note

  • First appearance: Bullet-Proof, Drug Elimination Force.
  • Three stories are told concurrently, dividing the pages evenly.
  • Each of the stories has a distinctive panel border: normal straight lines for the DEF, wavy "liquid" lines for the Eco-Warriors, and bamboo for Ninja Force.
  • Clutch and Rock 'n Roll visited Broca Beach two and a half years ago,[1] but obviously the brainwashing worked[2] if the Joes still don't know its secret.
  • A footnote at the end reveals that the D.E.F. and Eco-Warriors stories will end next issue, but the Ninja Force story will be picked up in #126.


  • The dossier in this issue features the Brawler.

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