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Chuckles and Roadblock are sent to Oxford, England to escort Prince Ngoto back to his native country of Kalingaland. Several of the Prince's enemies are outside his house as the Joes arrive. A gun fight takes place between the two groups for Prince Ngoto. As the Joes take care of the guys outside they hear a shotgun go off inside the house. Concerned that they may have failed their mission, the Joes rush the house. They discover inside that Prince Ngoto, actually a 50ish professor of English, not a kid like they expected, has shot the last of his enemies.

Chuckles and Roadblock drive him to the airport where they get on a commercial plane. Once inside, they recognize two guys as potential threats. Roadblock discovers that there are guns in the catering. At lunch time, the two guys pull out there guns and fire them at the Prince, except they don't work. Roadblock had pulled the firing pins from the guns, the guys are then restrained and they finish the flight. After landing in the Canary Islands, the Joes and Ngoto transfer to a military cargo plane with Wild Bill, Lift Ticket and Slip Stream at the controls.

As they enter Kalingaland air space, a MIG jet attacks them. Using several tricks the cargo plane is able to make him miss with his all missiles. And the final trick is opening the back gate and having Roadblock fire his .50 caliber at the jet. The damage causes the pilot to eject. Wild Bill then sets the plane down just long enough for Chuckles to drive an AWE Striker out the back with the Prince and Roadblock.

Next they arrive in capital just as the last of the Russians have been defeated. The Prince's timing is perfect. He immediately marches up to a podium and gives a speech. He is going to have elections where the people can elect any kind of government they want. He is also expelling the Russian and American ambassadors from the country. Prince Ngoto wants a completely influence free country. The US Ambassador is mad because the US helped funded Prince Ngoto's revolution.

The Joes recognize the Prince for what he is a friend and leader of a now free country.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen 

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