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Specifics: The Undersea Base

The Cobra Undersea Base is a mobile undersea base. It also serves as a platform to launch orbital missiles capable of launching satellites into orbit or deliver warheads to anywhere on Earth. Only one was constructed, but Cobra Commander had plans for a whole network of them around the globe.


A Real American Hero comics continuity


The United States planned to launch a powerful spy satellite into orbit which would be able to locate Cobra's current Undersea Base as well as any future bases they would construct in the future. Cobra Commander attacked, but failed to stop the Space Shuttle mission to launch the spy satellite. Cobra Commander retreated to the Undersea Base and surfaced to launch a ballistic missile at the Shuttle in orbit. Flash successfully diverted the missile, and the operation exposed them to G.I. Joe. The Joes attacked the Undersea Base and were beginning to win when Cobra Commander and the Baroness set the self-destruct and escaped. The Joes were also able to escape in inflatable life-rafts.[1]


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