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Venomous Maximus is a Cobra character from the G.I. Joe vs. Cobra series.
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Venomous Maximus is the result of combining various V-Troop DNA samples with General Clayton "Hawk" Abernathy. The idea was to create the perfect leader for the Venomized Troopers, a supreme commander. The result was Venomous Maximus, the V-Troops Overlord.

Venomous Maximus is a monster. He possesses a mammalian savagery, insectile focus and a reptilian coldness and calculating mind. He appears to be linked to his troops through some sort of animal connection. Wielding a massive war-hammer in battle, Venomous Maximus is a nightmare pure and simple. Savage and brutal, he is the prefect leader for the V-Troops.


The apex of Evilution was merging the DNA of the best modified troops with Hawk's, to create the ultimate military commander with the inside knowledge required to defeat G.I. JOE. When Hawk emerged from the Venomization chamber, he had mutated into a horrible monstrous brute, a hybrid forged of reptillian cold-blooded detatchment, insectile focus, and feral savagery. The good man that was Clayton Abernathy had been eclipsed by Venomous Maximus.

Maximus was genetically connected to his V-Troops, forming an unbreakable bond of command and loyalty. Not suprisingly, Cobra Commander found that he could not control the strong willed Maximus. The ambitious Venomous sought to rule COBRA, and conspired with Overkill to overthrow the Commander. COBRA forces captured a G.I. JOE launch base in South America with the intent of spreading an airborne Venomization serum into the atmosphere to transform civillians worldwide into COBRA V-Troops.

The G.I. JOE team and Dr. Link Talbot were able to cure Hawk of Mindbender's genetic tampering. Abernathy spent weeks recuperating, undergoing extensive gene therapy.


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At Toy Fair 2004, Hasbro showed off an electronic talking 12-inch scale Venomous Maximus action figure. It was planned to be released alongside the talking Duke action figure, but as plans for the 12-inch scale were cut back, the Venomous Maximus figure was cancelled, never seeing retail release.

Venomous Maximus's trading card was the only card to see release from the planned Valor vs. Venom expansion of Wizards of the Coast's G.I. JOE Customizable Card Game. The card was only available with the Valor vs. Venom DVD.

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