The Weather Dominator is a Cobra weapon from the A Real American Hero animated continuity.
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Designed by the brilliant weapons master Destro, Cobra came into possession one of the most powerful weapons ever created. The Weather Dominator controlled the raw strength of Nature itself, allowing Destro to play God with the planet's very climates. The cannon-like weapon is over 20 ft long, with a gunner seat and a cobra hood over the cannon's rear. It is on on top of an elevating tower-like platform which can reach high into the sky, and even the clouds.

When the virtually limitless power of the Joes' Laser Core was harnessed to the Dominator's Hydro-Master (water vapor control) and Ion Correlator (electromagnetic mastery), its power was magnified and allowed it's range to reach any place on Earth. It turned the most arid deserts into freezing environments, caused powerful storms, unleashed the fury of tornadoes and barrages of lightning. Using the full power of the Laser Core to create lightning was the Dominator's major weakness and was too risky to attempt. Cobra Commander would hear none of Destro's warnings when he ordered to assault Washington D.C. with lightning.

Reluctantly, Destro did so and was proven right; G.I. Joe used Doc's ingenious Energy Mirrors to absorb, collect and reflect the awesome electrical charge back at the Dominator. It exploded and launched the three major fragments into orbit, which eventually fell to Earth. The Hydro-master landed on the Island of No Return[1]. The Ion correlator landed in the Palace of Doom[2]. The Laser core landed in the Roof of the World[3].

Ensuing battles between G.I. Joe and Cobra followed as they both raced to retrieve the components. But Cobra prevailed and reassembled the Dominator. The Joe's managed to track down the location of The Cobra Temple base and launched an assault, unaware Cobra was waiting to stike the final blow with the Weather Dominator. The Joe's triumphed and since their victory, the exact science that governs the devastating weapon is forever lost.


A Real American Hero animated continuity

The Weather Dominator from the A Real American Hero animated continuity.


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A Real American Hero 25th Anniversary (2008)


The plot of the battle for the Weather Dominator has been used in a parody skit for the stop motion comedy show, Robot Chicken.

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