Chuckles, Clutch and Rock 'n Roll and two Mounties are on a mission in Canada. Billy and Zartan are on Cobra Island. Snake-Eyes deals with Scarlett's situation. Destro and the Baroness leave Cobra.

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Chuckles and Clutch are officially helping the Royal Canadian Mounted Police track down a Cobra squad but have ended up under fire from them. They finally get permission to join in with the shooting, at which point Rock & Roll quickly blasts away the entrance of their warehouse and convinces the Vipers there to surrender. They identify Terror Drome components intended to be shipped to the Far East and Africa, but the sight of the name Broca on some of the crates has an odd effect on Clutch and Rock & Roll which they can't explain.

In New York City, a doctor reports to Snake-Eyes, Flint and Lady Jaye that Scarlett is out of surgery and everything that can be repaired has been, but they don't know if she'll come out of her coma or be able to lead a normal life. Seeing Snake-Eyes' bandaged face, he tries to recommend Dr. Hundtkinder and nearly gets punched for his troubles. Flint and Lady Jaye escort Snake-Eyes from the hospital where Flint attempts to lecture him about being thankful for the time he's had with Scarlett. Snake-Eyes' response is to turn him to face Lady Jaye, who he has just snapped at. As he continues on alone, a gang try to mug him and he casually knocks them aside. Storm Shadow, Stalker and Wade dissuade them from trying anything further before offering Snake-Eyes their support.

Next day, on Cobra Island, Voltar and Dr. Mindbender put on a display of Cobra hardware for a group of visiting dictators they are hoping to sell to. Cobra Commander is showboating at the centre of it, unaware he is being observed by a disparate group: Billy, Raptor, Tyrone, Captain Minh and Zartan (who the others believe to be the Blind Master). Billy quickly realises that the person in the armour isn't his father and Raptor explains that it's Fred VII. Zartan insists on doing recon, while Minh is beginning to suspect that his passengers are not a G.I. Joe team as they claimed.

During a reception, Cobra Commander is led from the room by Mindbender, who tells him to remove his helmet so they can talk face to face. Voltar is extremely confused when a second Mindbender enters the room: The first Mindbender was Zartan, who unmasks in front of Fred, confuses him by claiming to be dead and tells him he's being demoted back to a garage owner in Denver. The real Mindbender listens in but is stopped by Raptor, who tells him he can't control Fred so should clone the real Cobra Commander instead...and he knows where the body is.

Billy admits to Minh that he learned from Storm Shadow that Minh knew how to get onto Cobra Island detected, and tracked him down because he was the only fisherman using a Cobra hydro-foil. At that moment, Night-Vipers destroy Minh's boat and attack the trio. Minh leads them into a storm drain where he knows the Vipers won't follow...because Croc Master is there with company.

Next day, at Broca Beach, Destro finds Baroness packing: She needs to go away somewhere to put her life back together after recent events. Destro asks to go with her but Baroness says in his mask he can only travel in Cobra and arms merchant circles. Destro says Darklon can run the business and Broca Beach for a while and removes his mask. He says he would give it all up for her and kisses her.


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Memorable quotes

"You would give up wearing the Destro family mask? Turn your back on centuries of tradition? Abdicate your position as head of M.A.R.S.? You'd give all that up for me?"
"I would give up more than that..."

--Baroness and Destro.

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  • In last issue's flashback, young Destro had blonde hair - in this issue, his hair is brown.
    • It's not inconceivable that his hair darkened as he aged, or that it was only blonde when it had been exposed to strong sunlight.

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Real-world references

  • The graffiti in the alley where Snake-Eyes fights Twisto and his gang says "Decepticons Rule."
  • Claude Rains played the Invisible Man, with his head wrapped entirely in bandages.

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