Trapped in an alternate Earth ruled by Cobra, can the Joes make it home?


Lady Jaye, Clutch, and Footloose engage the Rattlers and shoot them down. Meanwhile, the "Dreadcops" take Flint, Barbecue, and Airtight to police HQ, however, Flint and the rest escape when the Dreadcops got too chatty. Near Joe's HQ, Steeler is slowly loosing his mind from the mutated bug bite in Episode I. He refuses Grunt's help and runs away. However, both are being closely watched by a Cobra trooper loyal to the Baroness. Baroness orders Leila to bring Steeler to her.

Meanwhile, more Rattlers show up and herd Lady Jaye and the gang towards the Washington Monument. Unbeknownst to the Joes, Destro has converted the monument into his own secret lair and fires a "Parasite Matrix" that captures Lady Jaye and the gang. During this, Flint and his cohorts subdue two Cobra troopers and use their weapons to free themselves. However, they were spotted by Zartan and a fire fight ensues. In the melee, they commandeer a Cobra F.A.N.G and take to the sky. The scene then switches to Cobra Commander, who secretly had Lady Jaye and cohorts transferred to him without Destro knowing, a major foreshadowing of things to come. He tortures the gang on a centrifugal device.

All this while, Grunt chases a delirious Steeler through some canyons. They fight and both tumble down a hill. Steeler comes to his senses a bit and pleads to Grunt for help. They try to retreat to a safer place where they stumble upon three skeletal remains of Joes. Reading their name tags, they realize they are the remains of Clutch, Grunt and Steeler of this world. Completely shell-shocked and delirious, Steeler tries to run away but was spotted by Leila and a helper. They convince both to turn to the Baroness for help.

In the White House, Cobra Commander continues to torture the Joes, thinking they are resistance fighters by sending them to a chamber where steel boa constrictors comes down the ceiling to strangle them to death. In the mean time, Steeler has recovered from his delirium in the Baroness home and a very happy Baroness runs to him. It turns out this Baroness is an item with Steeler and think she has found her long lost love and reveal herself as a double agent in this world. Confused, Steeler asks for help. Concurrently, in the sky above D.C., Flint and the gang is in a major dogfight with some Cobras and is hurdled into the same trap that befell Lady Jaye.

In the torture chamber, a cobra trooper (or is it an officer? Continuity Error anyone?) hands over a message to the Commander that Destro has captured more Joes. Screaming in distrust at Destro's latest offense, the Cobra Commander becomes distracted. Seizing the opportunity, Lady Jaye commands Footloose to act. Swinging on his rope handcuffs, Footloose was able to shake off the steel boa at the commander, trapping him and causing him to stumble and break the control panel to their torture device. Freed, Lady Jaye and the rest take out the Commander and escapes.

At the Baroness home. A shocked Baroness at first thought both Steeler and Grunt were mad, but realized the truth once she saw Steeler's left arm tattoo while her version had the same on the right arm instead. the Baroness accepts her Steeler is truly dead and the love standing in front of her comes from an another reality. Although devastated, she agrees to help them escape by ordering them to play along. Going to Destro in her leather uniform, she convinces Destro that the Joes are defectors and Grunt told him that the Cobra Commander is secretly amassing a vast army to throw him down. Destro immediately orders the Baroness to take care of the Joes to face this new threat, which the Baroness is happy to do. Turning to the Cobra Commander, Baroness also convinces him that Destro is up to treachery. Based on what he had seen, he was immediately convinced.

Escaping the White House, Lady Jaye and the gang were wondering what to do next when Baroness called her over. Before escaping on the H.I.S.S, Flint noticed Destro and Cobra Commander lining up for an face off. Baroness told him she has just instigated a Cobra civil war and does not want to be around for the end result. Escaping to the Proving Grounds, the team notice the portal that sent them to this world. Most escapes, but convinced by a heartbroken Baroness, and with no major relatives or friends in his world, Steeler decides to stay with his new beloved. Grunt and Clutch also decided to stay to help and rebuild a new team of Joes in the reality before waving goodbye to the rest of the team as Flint and Lady Jaye jump into the portal just before it closes.

Back in the real world, the team shows up and Duke asks what happened. Flint inform him its a long story and Lady Jaye informs him its an even longer story with what happened to Steeler, Grunt and Clutch, where they are some place where a few brave men are needed, badly.


Featured characters

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G.I. Joe Cobra

Featured vehicles & equipment

G.I. Joe Cobra Civilian
  • Patrol car

Memorable quotes

"They haven't an ounce of respect for the law!"

--Officer Torch of the Cobra Empire Police.

"They've turned Washington Mall into a slave labor camp."
"Heckuva way to solve unemployment!"

--Flint and Barbecue

"Dreadnoks may be cops in this world, but they're still stupid!"


"Pulaski R. It's me...MMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!"

--Steeler (Upon discovering the remains of his counterpart)

"I've just instigated the first Cobra civil war. And I don't want a ring side seat for my handiwork."

--The Baroness


Animation and technical errors

  • Last episode, Leila's Cobra Trooper uniform featured bare thighs and a high-cut bikini bottom. In this episode, the legs are colored. However, as she climbs out of her H.I.S.S., she's still wearing the skimpier togs. When the scene shifts, her shoulders are bare as well and when she tells Clutch that the Baroness will treat Steeler, she's back in her full Episode II uniform.
  • Despite having her glasses depicted in her statue and in her brief cameo last episode, the Baroness is portrayed without glasses during this one. Kind of a "Spock's beard" meets "the glasses gotta go" trope mash up.
  • When Flint and his team was spotted by Zartan and he hops on his "Dread Cycle", notice at first the motorcycle has two wheels. But just before it crashes into a downed statue, it suddenly becomes a three wheeler.
  • A Cobra Officer reports to Cobra Commander, after being berated by the Commander the same Cobra is dismissed wearing a Cobra Trooper uniform. He must have been court-martialed on the spot!
  • Sloppy animation leads to Clutch alternately having his helmet on and off in the same scenes throughout the entire episode.
  • When Lady Jaye and the gang escape the White House and are intercepted by the Baroness, a quick glimpse of the Baroness in the H.I.S.S shows her in her pink bathrobe. Once Lady Jaye climbs onto the H.I.S.S, she's back in her leather outfit.

Continuity errors

  • The police car crash cracks the glass windows and dents the engine hood, but nobody is injured.
  • In the previous episode, the Lincoln Memorial had been changed to a Cobra Commander Memorial, with the Commander's hooded visage seated in Lincoln's place. In this episode, when the memorial is destroyed, the Commander's likeness is wearing his helmet and faceplate.
  • Unless the three Dreadnoks can lift a couple of tons each, it would be impossible for them to lift the downed statue that trapped the F.A.N.G helicopter's landing skid.
  • When the Joes return to the normal universe, the bridge is mistakenly depicted as wood again.

G.I. Joe references

  • Although Baroness says she's "just instigated the first Cobra civil war," she's not referring to that Cobra Civil War.

Real-world references

  • Upon meeting Destro, Barbecue quips "If he knew we were coming, he'd have baked a cake," paraphrasing a famous song from the '50s.[1]

Miscellaneous notes

  • The Cobra logo has been slightly modified for the police uniforms. It's wearing a little hat.
  • When the Joes are escaping in the F.A.N.G. copter, there are bumps on the landing skids where the foot pegs are located on the toy. That's a little too much toy accuracy.
  • In Destro's lab, several Cobra Troopers are tending to platforms with small animals on them - possibly hamsters or guinea pigs. While the specific experiments using those animals are unspecified, Destro is noted to have engaged in genetic experiments (such as the mutated bug that bit Steeler).
  • Steeler, Grunt and Clutch will return in G.I. Joe: The Movie, with zero explanation. Grunt would also be present in the DiC series.
  • The "Now you know..." segment attached to this episode involved Flint telling kids that teamwork is better than arguing.
  • It's never shown what happened to Zartan and the prime world Baroness since they were still on the train when Flint and Lady Jaye fell off. But based on future episodes where the Transmuter was never mentioned, it's reasonable to assume the rest of the Joes stopped them and rescued the kidnapped victims.
  • The reason Clutch, Steeler, and Grunt were written off in this episode was that Hasbro had decided to discontinue their toys. The sudden reappearance of said characters in G.I. Joe: The Movie and the DiC series was never explained.
  • The date of the "Final Big Battle" with Cobra is never specified, but the judging by changes Cobra had already wrought (changing the faces of Mount Rushmore, the Cobra Commander Memorial, the Baroness Statue etc.), it could've been years since they had won.
  • The final face off between Cobra Commander and Destro, and the amount of troops both had gathered, shows that both sides distrusted each other since the beginning. Thus the ease with which the Baroness got the Cobra Civil War started.




2. This episode can now be seen at Hasbro YouTube channel:

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