Trapped in an alternate Earth ruled by Cobra, can the Joes make it home?!



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G.I. Joe Cobra

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G.I. Joe Cobra Civilian
  • Patrol car

Memorable Quotes

"They haven't an ounce of respect for the law!"

--Officer Torch of the DC Police.

"They've turned Washington Mall into a slave labor camp."
"Heckuva way to solve unemployment!"

--Flint and Barbecue

"Dreadnoks may be cops in this world, but they're still stupid!"



  • Last episode, Leila's female Cobra Trooper uniform featured bare thighs and a high-cut bikini bottom. In this episode, the legs are colored. However, as she climbs out of her H.I.S.S. in one shot, she's still wearing the skimpier togs. When the scene shifts, her shoulders are bare, as well.
  • In a scene where a Cobra Officer reports to Cobra Commander, after being berated by the Commander, the same Cobra is dismissed wearing a Cobra Trooper uniform. He must have been court-martialed on the spot!
  • Sloppy animation leads to Clutch alternately having his helmet on and off in the same scenes throughout the entire episode.


  • The police car crash cracks the glass windows and dents the engine hood, but nobody is injured.
  • In the previous episode, the Lincoln Memorial had been changed to a Cobra Commander Memorial, with the Commander's hooded visage seated in Lincoln's place. In this episode, when the memorial is destroyed, the Commander's likeness is wearing his helmet and faceplate.

Items Of Note

  • The Cobra logo has been slightly modified for the police uniforms. It's wearing a little hat.
  • In Destro's lab, several Cobra Troopers are tending to platforms with small animals on them - possibly hamsters or guinea pigs. There's never any mention of what exactly is going on there.
    • It's possible Destro is testing some sort of M.A.S.S., but it's never referenced in the episode.
  • Steeler, Grunt and Clutch will return in G.I. Joe: The Movie, with zero explanation.
    • The movie was in production at this point, the trio's choice to stay hadn't been made yet.
  • The "Now you know..." segment attached to this episode involved Flint telling kids that teamwork is better than arguing.

G.I. Joe references

  • Although Baroness says she's "just instigated the first Cobra civil war," she's not referring to that Cobra Civil War.

Real World References

  • At Destro's headquarters, a small animal that looks like a cat or a rabbit is sitting on a platform guarded by armed Cobra troopers. The rabbit could be a symbolic reference to the tale Alice in Wonderland since the Joes tumbled down a rabbit hole of sorts, found themselves in a strange world and are soon struggling to find their way home.
  • Upon meeting Destro, Barbecue quips "If he knew we were coming, he'd have baked a cake," paraphrasing a famous song from the '50s.[1]


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