Wraith is a Cobra character from the A Real American Hero comics continuity.
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Wraith is a man who isn't in mercenary work for the money... he simply wants to fight, foster chaos and kill. Using stolen technology, he acquired a stealth assault suit that makes him virtually invisible. The only flaw in the suit is that an outline of Wraith can be seen if he moves too fast, but by then he is so close to his target that you only get a quick, shadowy glimpse before Wraith makes his move.

Wraith sneaking into a military testing ground.


Devil's Due continuity

Both G.I. Joe and Cobra hoped that the skilled spy and fighter Charles Halifax would choose to join them, but in the end, Destro was the only one who discovered what Halifax truly lived for: chaos and destruction. Destro offered Halifax a chance to become near-invincible with a stolen stealth assault suit acquired from the chinese government. The power and remarkable opportunities provided by this suit were enough to buy Halifax's loyalty... for now.

Wraith was killed by the Baroness in her mission of revenge on all that had wronged her in the past. The Wraith suit then fell into the hands of the Red Shadows, reportedly the suit's original designers.


Mercenary Wraith (2008)

  • Wraith was released with the sixth wave of single packs in 2008. He came with a silver flip-up mask, a gray FN P90 submachine gun, a gray backpack, silver battle armor, and a black display stand. He was available in two different variations, standard version and a translucent blue version.


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