Zanya is a Dreadnok character from the A Real American Hero comics continuity.
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Zanya is a Dreadnok gang member. As Zartan's daughter, she has become his heir-apparent. This does not sit well with her aunt Zarana, leading to a contentious relationship between the two.

Determined, headstrong and more than a little embittered over her past, Zanya is strong-willed and driven. While she does somewhat idolize her father, she also knows that she cannot lean on her relationship with him alone. She has shown some disguise skills, although nowhere near the supernatural extent that her father does.


A Real American Hero Comics continuity[]

Devil's Due Comics continuity[]

Zanya was born in Chicago where she grew up in poverty with her mother. Her mother's boyfriend was mistreating her mother and 'borrowing' her rent money to gamble while her mother was taking it out on her, annoyed even more by Zanya's tears. Because of that toxic ambiance, Zanya grew up to be violent and see crying as a weakness. Not wanting to become a victim, she picked a fight with a kid who sat in her swing and the principal had to call her mother who was very angry.

One day, during another argument between her mother and her mother's boyfriend, she heard the name Zartan being mentioned, her mother was actually telling her boyfriend that Zartan was better than him and treating her better. After the boyfriend left the mother with a black eye, Zanya asked her mother who that Zartan was and her mother casually told her that he was her father.

Later, Zanya is seen playing with matches, displaying some pyromaniac tendencies, while her mother and her mother's boyfriend fight again about the mention of Zartan and the man calls Zanya an ankle bitter.

Sometimes later, the mother enters Zanya's bedroom in a furious state and accuses her of burning her bedding. She carries a belt to beat Zanya with it but Zanya refuse to bend over and before the mother can strike her in the face with the belt, Zanya grabs her mother's wrist, losing her lightened match in the process. The match then falls on the bed and starts a fire. The mother and her boyfriend die in the fire while the nine years old Zanya escapes and later watches the firefighters from a balcony.

Five years later, Zanya is in Kansas City, fighting some tough men in a match. She and her boyfriend Kevin Schulte travel around the U.S. to pick fights and make money by having Zanya beating men twice her size. Kevin's goal is to make enough money to pay his entrance in the Dreadnoks and for this, he uses Zanya in those bets since people do not really believe a young girl like her can beat tough men in a fight but they all get disproven quickly since Zanya is unbeatable. Zanya also intends to reach the Dreadnoks to finally meet her father but she doesn't tell Kevin about her own goal.

Later in Florida, Zanya just won again some fight and got noticed by Monkeywrench, Gnawgahyde and Zanzibar. They asked her if she wanted to become a Dreadnok but Kevin quickly interfered and said that he was the one who wanted to be a Dreadnok, Zanya was only his girl. But the Dreadnoks didn't listen to him and only were interested in Zanya. They told Kevin that they didn't really see him doing anything and that Zanya was the one doing everything. So if he wants to be in the gang, she has to be in the gang. But first, they have to prove themselves by taking care of invaders dealing weapons to drug dealers on the Dreadnoks's turf. Zanya and Kevin are to take care of the guards before the Dreadnoks attack but Kevin being too slow for lockpicking a door, Zanya tells him she will do it which angers Kevin and he starts to yell at her, drawing a guard. Zanya quickly takes care of him before running to get the second one. Meanwhile the Dreadnoks enter the fight with the dealers. Having taken care of the guards, Zanya then notices with some scorn how Kevin only cares about the money the guards got on them. But the mission being a success, Zanya and Kevin are finally admitted to the Dreadnok Compound for a party. While Kevin lies and brags on how well he did in the mission, Zanya doesn't say a word and even looks embarrassed when Gnawgahyde punches her in a friendly way on the shoulder. Then Zartan and Zarana make their appearance and Zanya finally sees her father for the first time.

At the party, while Kevin only talks about him and his dream of being a Dreadnok, Zanya is obsessed with her father and goes to challenge him to a fight. Zartan doesn't take her seriously, refuses to fight and thinks that's very cute. But Zanya then jumps over the table and attacks him, yelling at him to fight her. Zartan dodges the attack and tells her that it was fun but she should stop. Zanya doesn't listen and once more throws herself at her father. Zartan easily overpowers her and tells her that he is impressed by her spirit. Zanya replies that he should be impressed and asks him if he remembers Chicago. Then she tells the surprised Zartan that she is his daughter. Zartan only replies "Nice try." then leaves, telling the Dreadnoks that the party is over. Kevin quickly starts to argue with Zanya, telling her she should not screw around like that and Zanya tells him that she is telling the truth. Kevin then sees all the money and prestige he could get from it but Zarana quickly interrupts the duo, warning Zanya that she won't be able to con her. When Keven tries to coax Zarana, he gets choked by Zarana who leaves angrily, leaving him to sarcastically thank Zanya for doing nothing to help him. Zarana goes to complain to Zartan and asks him to throw them both out but Zartan tells her that Zanya is fourteen and she may indeed be his child. But he has to ask a few people so he asks Zarana to not act on it until he is certain of it and Zarana leaves in a grumpy state.

Later, Kevin is at a bar and sees a woman who flirted with him in another town but that Zanya sent away. He decides to flirt with her but she is bitter about the way she was sent away until he tells her that he is now a Dreadnok and he was only using Zanya to get where he is now, she means nothing to him. The woman then changes her attitude and starts flirting until Kevin notices Zarana sitting at a table. He gets troubled and goes back to the Dreadnoks compound, telling Zanya that Zarana has to go. Zanya doesn't see why and Kevin tells her that Zarana is feeling threatened by Zanya's claim. Zanya replies that it's the truth and not a claim to which Kevin replies that he knows but with her gone they will be next in line. Tired by his attitude, Zanya replies "We? I'm his daughter, moron." Furious, Kevin grabs Zanya's wrist and starts yelling at her until Zartan interrupts the scene. He says that he wants to speak to Zanya, alone and Kevin leaves, a bit frightened.

Once alone, Zartan asks Zanya how her mother died. When Zanya tells him she died in a fire, Zartan gets confirmation that she is not lying since his contacts in Chicago told him about it and he tells her that he believes her. He then tells her that the Dreadnoks are not a day care center and Zanya replies that she isn't looking for one. Then Zartan tells her that she appears to be a smart and responsible young woman and Zanya thanks him before Zartan gives her a choice: She can either stay with the Dreadnoks and accept the risks that come with it or she can move on with her life and he will not stand in her way. Zanya decides to stay.

Later in Jacksonville, Zanya and Kevin do their first real mission with the group. The two of them are with Zarana who asks them to take care of the guards while she goes for the prototype amphibious ATV. Zanya tells Zarana to not bust a hip in the way to which Zarana replies that maybe once she has taken care of the guards she will give her a taste. Zanya replies that she is looking forward to it. Once Zarana left, Kevin tells Zanya that it is their chance to eliminate Zarana once and for all. Kevin follows Zarana who asks where is Zanya. Kavin tells her she went another way so Zarana tells him to keep moving.

Meanwhile Zanya observes them both from above as they enter the hangar where the prototype is. Looking around, Kevin realizes that they seem to be regular luxury boats. Zanya then surprisingly jumps on him, instead of jumping on Zarana, and beats him, telling him to leave and never come back as she cries while punching him. She then leaves him alone and walks away. Suddenly, Zarana grabs her and tells her that she passed the test, but also whispers that it changes nothing between them both before the spotlights get on them. The Dreadnoks are on a balcony, cheering for Zanya and congratulating her while Zarana doesn't look pleased. Meanwhile Zanya looks on another balcony where Zartan is and her father smiles proudly at her. She replies with a smile. (G.I.joe A real American hero! Front line #9-10 from Image Comics)

IDW Comics continuity[]
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This raises so many questions that will likely never be answered

Zanya was among a group of Dreadnoks gathered by Zartan to attack Springfield.[1]


Dreadnoks Battle set (2011)
Zanya action figure A Real American Hero (1986)

Zanya uses an original head, the torso, arms and waist of Zarana, the thighs of Lady Jaye and the lower legs and feet of Cover Girl

Appearance: green hair with dreadlocks; green lipstick; same shirt as Zarana but with the Dreadnock logo on it; black gloves with fishnet; black shoulder armor; green pants with brown belt, and black boots

Accessories: Rifle and pistol, stand page/Filecard

G.I.Joe: battleground[]


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